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Lost - Graffiti in the City of Angels

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Kids, save your allowance. The latest issue of Lost, Graffiti in the City of Angels is here.

Lost Graffiti in the City of Angels Collection 0001 Cover

This issue of Lost celebrates the last 10 years of documenting Los Angeles graffiti through the previous 12 issues. Lost has gone through quite a transformation from a black and white photocopied version to the current version.

Some previous issues of Lost

This graffiti magazine is beautifully put together. It is a true collector's item with the number of printed copies limited to 2,000. Mine was 880/2000. Lost has a unique look and feel that surely sets it apart from all other magazines. It is 224- pages spiral bound with an elongated 10.5" x 7" size. It does not feel like a magazine but more like a hardcover notebook. It is page after page filled with Los Angeles graffiti.


In all media, content is king! Lost has the graffiti content that you want! It not only features colored pieces, it also shows hard core illegal graffiti with tags and throw ups. Some of the work featured in the magazine are: Ayer (RIP) LTS/KOG, MAK crew, Dest LORDS, Envy OTR, Besk UCA, Envy OTR, Tempt STN, Hael OTR, Pale STP, YEM AM7 and letter master Atlas CBS.


I truly appreciate the effort put together by the creators of Lost. It is great that someone has taken all the effort and documented graffiti in Los Angeles. You can see that the motivation was driven purely by their love for graffiti.

MAK Crue


Atlas Can't Be Stopped (CBS)

Patrick Martinez

Lost Sample Pages (PDF)
Lost Official Website


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